UN News Service/allAfrica

Somalia is entering its “most critical stage” as the end of its transitional governing period approaches in August, a United Nations envoy said today, calling for the international community to boost their efforts to help the east African country through its peace and national reconciliation process.

“As Somalia faces the greatest opportunity to end the transition, after so much investment by the international community and well-wishing Somalis, we must complete the tasks at hand,” the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Augustine P. Mahiga, told the Security Council in New York. “We must provide timely logistical and financial support to enable us to complete the implementation of the roadmap before August this year, as well as strengthen international cooperation and coordination.”

The country’s Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs) are in the process of implementing a roadmap, devised in September last year, that spells out priority measures to be carried out before the current transitional governing arrangements end on 20 August.

Mr. Mahiga noted that there are a number of challenges for the roadmap’s implementation to be completed. In particular, he pointed to a lack of time and unavailability of resources as two factors that could have a negative effect in the next months.

“The lack of funding for implementing the roadmap in the remaining three months is of serious concern to all of us, including the Transitional Federal Government (TFG),” he said. “The Constituent Assembly is almost grinding to a halt for lack of funding.”

The envoy also warned that spoilers pose a real threat to the peace process as they are employing various methods to obstruct and reverse gains made in the implementation of the roadmap.  Read more…