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Nairobi — Dozens of aspirants for presidential, county and parliamentary seats in Kenya’s General Election could be locked out of the race under the terms of a proposed new law on leadership and integrity.

The Leadership and Integrity Bill 2012 published last week sets out stringent conditions for those seeking elected positions.

The Bill is designed to give agency to Chapter 6 of the Constitution, which covers leadership and integrity.

Its sweeping recommendations could see most of the political class ruled out of the running, including the majority of the MPs, who do not pay taxes.

If the Bill is passed in its current form, it could also effectively disqualify most of the top-tier presidential aspirants.

Clause 35 of the Bill states that anybody who does not pass the integrity test shall be barred from holding public office.

“A person seeking to be appointed or elected as a state officer may not be eligible for appointment or to stand for election to such office if that person has, as a State officer, contravened the Leadership and Integrity Code under this Act or while serving as a public officer, has contravened a code of ethics and integrity applicable to that officer,” it reads.  Read more…