This is a very balanced and thoughtful piece on the future of the ANC and therefore of South Africa. KS

BUSINESS DAY – AUBREY MATSHIQI: the first year of the ANC’s second century is a vital one

THE world is ending this year on a note of heightened levels of uncertainty. Is the sovereign debt crisis a threat to the economic wellbeing of the euro zone, or is it a crisis that is going to set in motion a series of events that will pose a threat to the continued existence of western civilisation?

Is the decline of the western economic paradigm an opportunity for the emergence of new paradigms? Is the global bankruptcy of political leadership a sign the planet is approaching the limits of human intelligence, or is it an opportunity for humankind to recalibrate its developmental co-ordinates? Is the Arab Spring a misnomer, or is the region on the cusp of a Summer of freedom and democracy?

Where does our beloved country fit into all of this?

In part, the answer lies in our interpretation of the events of this year . Did they take us closer to the goal of creating a better SA and a better world, or are they part of the cauldron of social, political and economic crises that will condemn all of humanity to a dismal future of despair? Read more…