Mary Harper, Getting Somalia Wrong? Faith, Hope and War
in a Shattered State

Zed Books, London, 2011.  ISBN 978 1 84813 000 0 hb/ pb, 2011 forthcoming


Mary Harper’s informed, perceptive and empathetic book on Somalia could not be coming out at a more apt time, with the country back in the news and now the scene of a major Kenyan military incursion.

This is a work that demonstrates the importance of engaged but impartial journalism and clear, uncluttered thought expressed simply  but effectively.  It deserves to make a big impact on the understanding of what is happening in Somalia and why – something that isclearly needed.

A journalist with the BBC African Service for more than 20 years and one who had reported from Somalia and regularly visited the country since 1991, Harper demonstrates in her book the qualities that made the World Service the world’s most balanced, fair-minded but courageous news service.  Above all else she tries and succeeds in conveying understanding and where understanding is difficult or impossible to convey why.  Read more…