It is well worth reading this fascinating and well-informed account by Dennis Ole Itumbi of Kenya’s aims in its offensive in Somalia:

I have just discovered that the Kenya Defence Forces are aiming at a larger goal with their invasion of Somali and it is larger than we all know –To control a whole area known as Jubaland or officially as Azania.

Unlike what has reported in your conventional media houses over the last few days, The Kenya Army is not only chasing the Al Shabaab, it is targeting three other groups namely Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia, Akwan Al Muslimia both of which have been fighting the Ethiopian government.

There is also Ittihad Al Islam.

So serious is Kenya on the war front that a special elite squad that has been undergoing continous desert like training since 2008 and based at Gilgil Army barracks is the one on the frontline supplying intelligence and carving routes of affront for Kenyan soldiers.

The special Elite Forces Squad has been trained to carry out frontline fighting without retreat under harsh conditions.  Read more…